Digital Art




Incorporating self-taught methods Jonathan Kendall creates exquisitely colorful and imaginative art.  

Take a look at the abstract art in this online art gallery.



Expect intense engaging compositions while immersing yourself into these creative abstract works.



All works have been created utilizing GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) and Adobe Photoshop. 

Creating the digital art, a video.


Fractal Manipulations

What is a fractal manipulation?

Using XaOS fractal program I tweak the formulae as an exploratory project.  Then I take the generated fractal representations and select portions for further creative alteration.  Bringing the fractal portion into Inkscape program I apply several software tools that redefine the fractal and bring it into a larger format.  The final touch is adding and refining color and texture with Adobe Photoshop.  The entire process takes several hours and results in an impactful artistic representation of a mathematical fractal. 

XaOS More Information It is a easy to use and refreshingly exiting program to explore fractal shapes and the formulae from which they arise.  


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Way Too Much Art

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