Artist Bio

Jonathan Kendall

kcI was born in Fairfax County Virginia on Oct 16 1984, in the suburbs of Washington D.C.  I had a lovely and mostly typical suburban childhood.  In 1996 my family Moved to Portland Oregon.  At the time I was heart torn to leave my friendships behind.  After two years of living in Portland we moved to Temecula California in 1999.  After two years we then moved back to the suburbs of Washington D.C. I had an altogether typical childhood.  I showed interest in art through my schooling, however I hadn’t considered that art should play a major role in my life until later.  I started making art therapeutically in my mid-20s. Back when I went off to college at Virginia Tech I quickly dropped out of college, due to personal issues. Art was my only real outlet during these times.  If you get a chance to look at my online gallery you may notice the grandiose nature of some of the digital pieces.  Much of the art is expansive in a conceptual way.  Art for me is an intrinsically valuable pursuit.  Art allows me to apply my creativity and produce substantial representations of what is happening for me at a particular time.  After the tumultuous times I experienced in most of my 20s, today I am much a much more stable individual who consistently works a program of functional recovery.  I seek wellness through many avenues, with an emphasis on creating digital art.

I experimented with different types of art until I chose digital art in order to create e a body of work.  I discovered a passion for digital art.  From the beginning I was consumed by digital art and lost in it at the same time.  I began creating art with an intention to make serious art in 2007, however I became a more prolific artist around 2013.  I published his first post titled Experience Nonquantifiable online on May 31st 2013.  Which was really ballpoint pen on inexpensive poster board and scanned into a computer with a cheap HP printer scanner (digitally stitched together).   That piece in its original traditional art form (ballpoint pen, not digital) is about 30 inches by 34 inches, framed.  Since that first self published artwork I have created 1000+ other digital artworks, photos, and traditional art pieces.  An average of 1 every 1.7 days.  I don't emphasize the quantity of art that I make but I love art and I must create art.  Art creates an experience that points at that which isn't able to be expressed in any concept.  I may be able to talk about the art I make. However the experience of creation like other experiences cannot be summed up in any way that fully represents what happens as the art is worked on. Art is just one way to be. How he is being during the creation of the art is what I am after in all moments. For me all experience is after a way of being. Each piece of art that I make is a result of a particular state of being in the moment.  There is a lot more to this story and it does come across in the art I make.  I let art tell the story in the way that it does.  I often say that I would make art strictly for the enjoyment of the process, but enjoying the process lends itself to sharing art with others.  There is great value in sharing art and sharing his art is an opportunity to grow as an artist.

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